The Hottest Trends in Wedding Fashion Accessories

The Hottest Trends in Wedding Fashion Accessories

There are many trends for wedding accessory fashions on the market. Brides choose from the endless variety depending on their sense of style and taste. Wedding accessories play an important role in ensuring that the bride gets a more stylish and polished look.

The good thing about choosing accessories is the fact that brides can choose those that best accentuate their features and give them their desired look. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wedding accessories.


The veil is one of the most common wedding accessories fashions there is. Veils have been worn by brides since time immemorial.

Getting the right veil is almost as difficult as getting the right wedding gown. They come in a myriad shapes and styles. When choosing a veil, it is very important to make sure that it complements the dress.


It is said that shoes can make or break an outfit: as such, they are one of the most important wedding accessory fashions there is. There are various factors that ought to be put in mind when choosing the right shoes for your wedding.

For instance, if you are going to spend most of the time standing or dancing, you might want to wear shoes with a lower heel so that you don’t get tired.

For a beach wedding, you should consider wearing sandals as they are easy to walk with on sand. Above all, the shoes must compliment the dress: if the dress is formal, get formal shoes and if the dress leans more to the casual side, get casual shoes.


It is very easy to go wrong when it comes to accessorizing using jewelry. This is because it is quite easy to overdo it. It is paramount to take note of the fact that the jewelry ought not to compete with the gown.

If the gown is bedazzled, one should use minimal jewelry. However, if the gown is plain and simple, you can use jewelry to dress it up. The jewelry you wear should be of the same color and style.


Gloves are mostly worn to formal weddings. There is a wide range of gloves to choose from. They range from silk, satin and even lace. They are however optional.

Purse and flowers

Most brides veer away from carrying purses during their weddings as that is the maid of honor’s responsibility to carry all the items that the bride might need.

However, a bride can use a clutch bag to not only accessorize their attire but also to carry items that they may need such as lip gloss. If a bride chooses to carry a clutch bag they should opt out of carrying flowers and vice versa.

There is no set list of wedding accessory fashions that can or cannot be used as wedding accessories. There are nevertheless, some dos and don’ts to accessorizing as using too many accessories can result in the bride looking too overdone or even tacky