Consider these unique wedding invitation ideas

Consider these unique wedding invitation ideas

A wedding is the most beautiful occasion in one’s life. Since this is such an important occasion, every little aspect, every little detail needs to be taken care of completely.

As a bride-to-be, you have so many things to consider, but amongst the most important things that need to be handled are wedding invitations.

Remember that an unforgettable wedding invitation sets the tone for an unforgettable wedding day.


Theme based invitations

Theme based weddings are very common nowadays, and once you decide a theme for your wedding, you can design your wedding invitations accordingly.

There are various themes you can choose from medieval, princess, beach, red, summer, spring, winter and so on.

Handmade invitations

Handmade invitations are priceless as they have the personal touch.

They will not cost you much, yet it will show your guests how you have taken out time to design invitations for them, and will thus make them feel important.

Scroll invitations

This type of invitation looks very classy and has a royal appeal. You can also get your wedding scroll invitation designed in the contemporary way.

For instance, if you have a pirate theme for your wedding, your scroll can have a treasure map background with the wedding details written on it.

Photo invitations

Adding a personal touch to invitations helps it stand out from the rest. Photograph of the bride and groom-to-be can form the background of the invitation. The wedding invitation details can be written on the card’s side or it can be printed like a book with details written inside.

You can use black and white photographs to give your cards a unique appeal. If you have planned a destination wedding then a photograph of the destination can be used as a background for your wedding invitations.

Reverse mirror invitations

This is not only unique but one of the best invitation ideas. The writing on the card is written in reverse and can only easily be read by using a mirror.

So, when your invitees look at the card for the first time, they will not be able to understand anything. It is only when they place it in front of the mirror will they be able to read the wordings on the mirror itself. You can also place a small piece of mirror in the envelopes along with the card.

These are some of the most unique and amazing invitation ideas for your wedding. Choose any one and you can be sure your guests will appreciate and love them.