July 15, 2024
A Guide to Marrying in Ukraine for Foreigners

Couples looking to tie the knot will find Ukraine an enthralling location due to its beautiful scenery, lively culture, and rich history.


Are you dreaming of exchanging vows in a picturesque European setting?


No need to be afraid if you are an international couple thinking about getting married in Ukraine! This post will define the complexities of marriage in Ukraine for foreigners providing insights and advice to assist you in beginning this remarkable adventure.

Understanding the Basics and Legal Requirements:

Ensure you know the ins and outs of Ukrainian marriage law before you say “I do” to a Ukrainian citizen. While specifics may change based on your country of origin and residency status, you should be aware of the following necessities:


  • Married couples from outside of Ukraine must be at least 18 years old. You must provide identification that verifies your age, such as a passport or national ID card.
  • Legalizing a marriage in Ukraine requires specific paperwork. Some examples of such papers are a passport or other form of identification, a divorce decree or death certificate from a previous marriage, and, in cases where the original document’s language is not Ukrainian or Russian, a certified translation of the document.
  • The local civil register office (ZAGS) is Ukraine’s official site of civil weddings. Both parties must go before a registrar in person to officially proclaim their desire to marry and sign the marriage certificate.

Understand Cultural Differences:

One of the best things about getting married in Ukraine is the chance it gives to experience other cultures. Marrying a Ukrainian national will allow you, as an outsider, to fully experience Ukrainian culture. You will discover that Ukrainian culture brings depth and significance to your wedding celebration if you embrace variety with an open mind and a desire to learn.

Legal Assistance:

For non-Ukrainian speakers, understanding the legal intricacies of getting married in Ukraine might take a lot of work. One option is to hire a specialist to help you navigate the procedure or to consult an attorney. It is recommended to consult with a skilled legal counsel to guarantee compliance with legal requirements, get valuable insights, and assist in a smooth and speedy marriage registration procedure.

Celebrate Your Love and Plan Your Wedding:

After dealing with the Ukrainian marriage laws, it’s time to start planning your fairytale ceremony! Ukraine has a wide variety of wedding venues, so there’s sure to be something perfect for every couple. Ukraine has everything whether you’re dreaming of a small, private ceremony in a beautiful church, a rural, outdoor ceremony, or a large, expensive ballroom. Make your dream wedding a reality by collaborating with nearby venues, vendors, and planners.

Explore the Beauty of Ukraine:

Ukraine is a beautiful nation with a rich history and stunning landscapes that newlyweds may enjoy long after the wedding day. Ukraine is brimming with impressive things to see and do, from ancient castles and UNESCO World Heritage sites to delicious traditional food and exciting local festivals. Make memories that will last a lifetime by exploring this beautiful nation with your loved one.

 A Love Story with an Adventure:

For foreigners, getting married in Ukraine is more than just a formality; it’s an opportunity to experience love, new cultures, and adventures. To have a wedding that everyone will remember, it’s essential to know what’s required by law, be open to other cultures, receive legal advice when needed, organize your ideal wedding, and then take in the breathtaking Ukrainian landscapes as a honeymoon.