The best website to create wedding invitations

Whether you choose a traditional style or go for its digital version, your wedding invitation card is the first impression that everyone gets about your wedding theme. Wedding invitations may be tough to plan. Most of the times, brides get confused about not knowing who to talk to, what designs or style they want for their wedding invitation. There is nothing more personal than making your own wedding invites as it gives a major idea about the couple’s personalities, their choice, and how they are going to celebrate their big day.

wedding invitations

Are you the one who tries to think beyond the box?

A personalized wedding invitation card provides a sense of what’s to come at your wedding and encourages everyone to count down the days until your wedding. In recent years, wedding websites and other internet tools have become increasingly popular among sophisticated brides, and they prefer making their own invitations to add a personal touch. Thanks to wedding invitations websites, the entire task is easy and appealing, that guests will appreciate it. A wedding website helps select customized designs and allows brides to edit them according to their desire and taste.

Now you can create a perfect wedding invitation for your big day!

“basic invite” is a popular and reputed name for providing the customized wedding invitations. With, it is possible making gorgeous DIY wedding invitations. There are countless options to choose from, from adding your images to choosing colors, font, and layout.

Creating attractive wedding invites that guests will enjoy receiving and sharing helps brides alleviate the stress of wedding preparations. You have to follow this pattern to create your kind of customized wedding invitation:


  • Choose one wedding invitation card from a huge list of creatively designed options.
  • Select your favorite layout, font style, color option (from over 180 custom colors), add customized text, save the date, and order for the sample.
  • You are allowed to upload your design also to create a completely out-of-the-way wedding invitation of its kind.


The talented team of designers provides you with wedding invitations that are distinctive, diversified, and, most of all, inspirational. You can easily upload your own photos to give them a more personal feel. Send your invites through email or publish them straight to your social media accounts using the Share button. Otherwise, the print option is excellent for you if you enjoy the notion of your relatives and friends holding your gorgeous wedding invitation.