Kids friendly elopement wedding

There are countless reasons to elope, and the ways to elope are also endless. Most eloping couples wish to have a jaw-dropping venue for their elopement wedding. Still, sometimes they need to think once again about their eloping destination, especially when they have kids.


Eloping with kids has to be beautiful and intimate for the couple and safe and friendly for their kids. From beautiful valleys to lakes, high mountains to adventurous hiking places, and exchanging vows in a hot air balloon to having the first kiss in the centre of the sea, there is so much you can choose as a couple. But when it comes to kids, they also need to be involved in the special day.


Your little care and thoughtful decision can make your kids excited about the elopement; otherwise, if they lose interest or get bored, they can get hurt or may cause trouble.

Here is the best way to keep your kids engaged in your elopement and have fun, so they can also enjoy the special day of your life:

Be the part of your elopement photoshoot:

This is the best idea to keep them completely engaged and excited during your elopement. The elopement photographer captures your special moments from the very start of your elopement till the last moments.


There are many ways to make them an essential part of your elopement wedding:

·        Start the elopement day together:

A shared hair, nail, or makeup treatment with the bride or groom is a great way to start the elopement photo session. It is the best way to being enjoyable; it makes for fantastic photo opportunities. You may explore elopement destinations with kids while getting ready and share frames.

·        A family dressed up a moment:

It’s a great approach to get the kids involved in the elopement by getting them ready for the wedding ceremony. Together, getting ready for the big day is a memorable event that makes for wonderful photo possibilities. To keep you company, ask your kids to assist you in zipping up a dress, comb your hair, pose with you in front of a mirror, button a jacket, add boutonniere in your tuxedo or put on shoes.

·        Give them a memento gift:

There are various ways to have eloping with kids, such as giving them a commemorative present, such as jewellery or a lapel button. A tiny souvenir is usually a meaningful and emotional gesture when photographing intimate elopements with kids.

·        Let them pronounce the marriage:

No matter how old you are, you’ll love this one. This is one memory that you will never forget. It’s even better if you have more than one child pronounce you! What a blast that would be!

·        Be realistic with all that you expect:

Only you better know what your children are capable of and what they are not capable of. If you’ve spent any time with them, you know what makes them happy and what makes them sad or uncomfortable. The experience should be something they can manage, but if they couldn’t manage an adventure elopement, you may still make it happen by including them in some other ways. Think about their skills realistically, and have a backup plan in place.