Suggestions to choose a professional elopement photographer

It is important to hire an experienced elopement photographer for your intimate wedding!

Couples hire an elopement photographer to capture the complete love journey and preserve the pair’s unique tale with spectacular photos to display at home. An excellent photographer records everything about your elopement.


There are many common but essential questions couples need to ask their elopement photographer before hiring them for the big celebrations in the most personalized way, such as:


  • What is the experience of an elopement photographer?
  • Does the photographer have online galleries and photo albums to show off?
  • What are the reviews and comments of previous customers about that photographer?
  • Does the photographer carry insurance or not?
  • Does the elopement photographer have backup camera gear?


In this post few uncommon but equally essential factors are discussed that a couple must have to look into their elopement photographer before making the final decision of hiring them for their elopement:

·        Personality:

Don’t forget that you have to spend a lot of time with your elopement photographer during the day. So it matters that how you feel around them. Your elopement photographer has the power to make or ruin your photographs.


It is important to be comfortable with the overall personality of your photographer. Connect via zoom or skype to build a frankness and association with your elopement photographer for a sensation of connectedness.


A dedicated and professional elopement photographer always supports the couples by cheering them on and letting them know they believe in them. This allows the couple to feel more at ease in front of the camera, and the photographer may capture a more natural feel. Couples feel insecure with an uncommunicative or shy introvert photographer. The photographer and the subject have a psychological connection that helps to capture stunning photos.

·        Photography style:

The photographer works in different styles!


Either they pose or direct couples, or it may be a combination of both. Elopement photography revolves around couples only, and this is why these photos should seem authentic, realistic, and alive. A photographer for elopement must have to struggle for a real grin, not a mechanical smile, as t is the actual essence of elopements.


Some couples enjoy it when the photographer poses them, while others don’t. When the photographer and the subject have better communication and connection, stunning photos can be captured. It’s not uncommon for a photographer to help lead and steer couples to capture their true emotions, such as a genuine smile or laugh, intimacy or closeness, or more talkative silence.

·        Size of your elopement album:

Before hiring a photographer, it’s usually a good idea to pay attention to the small things. Photographers that specialize in weddings often provide their work between 4 to 6 weeks. It may take longer if the job was larger and they have to compile more pictures. Some photographers need as many as six months to complete their projects.


Find out how many photos you’ll receive from the photographer you’re considering. If you’re like most people, you may expect to get between 50 and 100 photos. There are elopement photographers who shoot a bit less than that, and others shoot a lot more than that. It’s a good idea to ask questions before hiring them.