Reasons to choose sola wood flowers for my DIY project

I am obsessed with flowers and love to make beautiful floral arrangements and floral centerpieces as my DIY projects. But the fact is that real flowers are tough to deal with because of so many reasons:


  • They are costly with a very short life span
  • Their delicacy stops to use in complicated floral arrangements
  • Sometimes they can wilt and dry during the completion of my floral projects
  • They are not available in all seasons, and sometimes it is tough to get desired colored bloom
  • Their pollens and fragrance cause allergy that stops me from working with the blooms with the maximum pollen count

To deal with all these and some other issues, I have got one perfect solution!


Sola wood flower!


Flowers made of wood imitate the appearance of real blooming plants and are used for wood flower centrepieces, wooden bouquets, and other commercial or residential decorations. Wooden flowers have their unique position prestige in the world of art and design. Wooden flowers always create a fresh, authentic look, whether as a focal point, a bundle, or to brighten the most treasured area of your house.


In most cases, people are looking for style and brilliance in their ornamental designs, and they prefer only fresh flowers as the only right option. On the other hand, sola wooden blooms are flowers designed with love that may appear equally as gorgeous and reasonable.

Why do people choose wooden flowers over other types of fresh or artificial blooms?

Here are a few of the top reasons to use sola wood flowers as part of the variety of floral arrangements for different occasions:


  1. Fresh flowers are expensive once they’ve been trimmed, arranged, and then bundled. Though the pricing of wood flowers also fluctuate, they are still less expensive than real blooms. There is also an option of using silk flowers instead of fresh blooms. Still, in general, the cost of silk flowers with more specific and complex characteristics is also very high, so the wooden flowers are the most suitable option we have.
  2. Many of the floral experts and professional event planners are concerned that wooden flowers appear untidy and absurd. But quality sola wood flowers made by experienced craftsmen are so real looking, and it’s hard to tell the difference between real or sola wood blooms unless you touch to feel the texture.
  3. These artificial wooden flowers mimic their real-life counterparts in terms of growth and color. In contrast to some of the gorgeous real blossoms that we usually use in our house or workplace, wooden flowers and trees aren’t poisonous to animals or people at all.
  4. When it comes to using wooden flowers, there are a variety of options. To create a unique appearance as a floral bouquet or wood flower centerpieces, you may use various light colors. We may use them for any sort of decorating because they are easy to make yourself. Making and arranging them according to different innovative ideas is entirely possible.
  5. The materials used to create sola wood flowers is long-lasting and of the highest quality. This means that you may enjoy these flowers for a long time without worrying about them withering or being harmed by insects or rain. They’re always in great shape and look great, no matter what the time period. Most importantly, they constantly enhance the working or living conditions in the office or home.