Best Tips to Choose Sola Wood Flower Crown for Bride

Floral crowns have become one of the most common bridal accessories because every girl needs an excuse to wear flowers in her hair. Brides all over the world started customizing the colorful floral halos to fit any wedding theme, from sophisticated and glamorous to whimsical and chic. Sola Wood Flower Crown is becoming an ethereal alternative to veils.


Crowns consisting of flowers or leaves date back to ancient Greece when they were worn to honor the Gods on special occasions. Women use to wear rose crowns in their hair at festivals honoring Aphrodite, the goddess of marriage. At the first Olympic Games in Olympia, olive wreaths were presented.

Sola Wood Flower crown for the bride:

Every wedding has a story, and it is necessary to reflect in their wedding arrangements. From wedding décor to bridal bouquet and from boutonnieres to the floral headband, every major and minor detail contributes to make a wedding an accurate fairy tale.


That means everything, including the floral crown, should look like it goes together seamlessly. Stick with shades that work well with the overall color scheme.

Choose flowers for the head crown that last longer:

Unfortunately, fresh flowers can’t stand the test of time. Some blooms that look stunning in Sola Wood Flower Crowns have a super short lifespan, such as poppies, sweet peas, and the lily of the valley. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid delicate flower.


Sola wood flowers provide an impressive solution to avoid the wilting, drying and damaging of the floral crown. Sola wood flower crown is beautifully designed with giant or miniature mimics of natural blooms. These flowers are crafted from the bark of the balsa tree that makes these blooms durable and long-lasting. Sola wood flowers allow the brides to choose any color and flower they want for their sola wooden bouquet and sola wood flower crown.


Before choosing a sola wood flower crown for your wedding, follow these two simple rules to enhance your bridal looks:

1.      Never ignore your personal style!

Do you think flower crowns have to look bohemian?

Not necessary!

The only condition for a beautiful floral crown is that it must look stunning with your overall bridal look. Before designing a sola wood flower crown, consider the following factors:

Keeping all these factors in mind, don’t forget about the most important factor: personal preference. Cater the sola wood floral crown to your liking, and don’t be afraid to experiment with flower colors and symmetry. The durability of wood flowers allows you to do all these experiments with a delicate natural-looking appearance with your floral crown. Make sure the flowers and colors you select complement your overall color scheme.

2.      Don’t follow any trend blindly:

You want to wear a Sola Wood Flower Crown at your wedding because it is in fashion is not the reason to choose a sola wood flower crown.

If you are confused to decide whether or not to wear a floral crown, consider whether it would complement any other aspects of your wedding. It’s not right for you if your wedding is huge and glam and resembles a royal wedding in any way. If your wedding is laid-back and bohemian, though, go with it!