Must have photos for your wedding book

Wedding preparations take a tremendous amount of time and effort from you. This is something you wish to capture perfectly. To ensure that you receive the exact photographs you’ve envisioned and to make your photographer’s job a bit simpler, creating a shot list and sharing it with them is a win-win situation. As a bonus, they know that you’ll be a satisfied customer if the shortlist is followed.


Even if you have complete faith in your Tampa Bay wedding photographer, it’s always a good idea to plan out the wedding photos you’d most want to have. In this article, a Tampa Bay wedding photographer has provided a list of some of the uncommon wedding picture poses that must be a part of your wedding book:

·         Getting ready shots:

Photographers adore capturing critical moments like the groom fixing his tie during the wedding preparations. Similarly, buttoning a suit, putting on a watch, and tying shoes are some must-haves to capture moments for Groom. On the other hand, the Bride awaits her ideal dress for months, years, or even a lifetime. When she’s done admiring her clothing, photographers capture it for posterity. Every perspective of a bride’s gown is stunning, but the photographer waits impatiently for her to start whirling so she can get the perfect shot.

·         Candid moments of love:

Authentic moments reveal a couple’s actual sentiments. A bright laugh captured openly always looks amazing. Similarly, a delicate kiss on the brow is also an attractive position. During picture sessions, photographers usually request a few of these beautiful poses. The best times to capture these moments are during prep, couple and wedding party photographs.

·         Photographers favorite:

Wedding photographers prefer to catch a stroll and a delicate look towards the camera. They expect these beautiful positions throughout the day, from prep to couple photographs, as well as bridal portraits. The walk also catches some of the most private moments between the pair. This stance works anywhere from a street to a field, and it looks just as wonderful in images as it does in the wedding film.