Tips to set your ultimate wedding photography timeline

Nothing beats a stress-free wedding day when everything works smoothly, people are available to shoot photos when you need them, and you have the creative flexibility to perform your job correctly. The time their photographer will start and arrive is a popular inquiry from couples. There is no set time, and each photographer is different. It also depends on whether the photographer will be present while you are getting ready.

According to Wedding Photographer Dublin, the most spectacular wedding photographs may appear to be straightforward; a significant amount of time goes into making those incredible shots. As a result, setting a wedding photography timetable is an absolute requirement.


Here are three major tips to create your own non-stressful wedding photography timeline:

·        Decide a location:

First, you need to pick where the photos will be taken. The most accessible settings are your wedding ceremony and reception site, but the hotel where you’re getting ready might also be a fantastic option. If you’ve always wanted to take wedding photos at a specific location or if you want to take pictures at multiple locations, you’ll need to factor travel time into your wedding photography timeline—and plan for transportation so that all of your guests arrive safely and on time.

·        Select portraits you want:

Most photographers give a “recommended formals list” of portrait groups that you may look to and adjust as needed, but you can change it according to your desires. While you and your spouse will be the major focus of your wedding photography session, you will most likely want family and wedding party images. While your parents may attempt to persuade you to take formal photographs with all of your distant relatives, keep in mind that the more portraits you take, the more time you will spend away from your wedding. Keep formal photographs to a minimum.

·        Discuss the duration with your photographer:

Photographers believe that wedding party photographs should take approximately 30 minutes, family portraits should take about 30 minutes, and couple portraits should take 45 minutes to an hour. Discuss how long it will take to capture the various sorts of wedding portraits with your wedding photographer. If you don’t have a “first look,” you may still take separate family formals and photographs of the wedding party before the ceremony. Still, any images of the couple together will be done after cocktail hour.