Ways to clean your Moissanite wedding ring at home

Wedding rings make couples cling to an eternal bond of bliss!

Wedding rings are pretty personal and convey a lot of information. They are a representation of the vows you have made. This is why wedding rings are so important, and they serve as a constant reminder of our vows. Moissanite is a popular and affordable choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry because of its great durability, amazing brilliance, and fire, with a remarkable resemblance to diamonds.


An investment in Moissanite wedding rings is one you’ll cherish forever. Most brides like their gorgeous wedding ring and wish they could wear it 24/7. To guarantee that it remains as sparkling as the day you received it, your Moissanite stone, like other valuable gemstones, will require particular care throughout your lifetime to keep Moissanite jewelry dazzling and looking its best forever.


You can easily clean and take care of your Moissanite wedding rings at home. If you want your Moissanite ring to look its best, you should clean it once a month. Keep your Moissanite rings sparkling for many years to come with these simple techniques:

1.     Use ultrasonic cleanser:

An ultrasonic cleaner is an excellent tool for removing stubborn stains. Due to Moissanite’s hardness and durability, ultrasonic cleaning will not damage it.


To operate this gadget, water must be vibrated in order to push dirt and filth out of the jewelry’s hidden crevices and cracks. You can easily clean your jewelry with it, and it’s a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment to purchase. However, while Moissanite may be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners, the setting must be just as harsh as the Moissanite.

2.     Use cleansing cream:

A commercial cleaning cream is a fantastic method to restore the brightness of your Moissanite if it has any stains, seems hazy, or has a more complex dirt buildup than average. After rinsing the Moissanite to moisten the surface, rinse, dry, and buff it with a soft clean cloth. To remove some stains, you might use silver polishing cream.

3.     Use soap & water:

When it comes to cleaning Moissanite, soap, and water is the most effective technique. To clean Moissanite jewelry, use a light liquid soap and warm water. Place your Moissanite jewelry in the soapy solution and gently wash or brush the jewelry with a soft cloth or toothbrush as you go. Keep an eye out for dirt accumulation in hard-to-reach locations. Rinse the Moissanite well under running water to eliminate any soapy residue. In the end, clean the Moissanite with an unpolluted, lint-free towel.

4.     Use ammonia:

Moissanite wedding rings can be cleaned impressively using ammonia. Although it may sound like a harsh chemical, ammonia is a highly safe and natural substance. Take a pot with equal parts ammonia and warm water. Before stirring the solution, put on gloves if you’re worried about ammonia sensitivity.

Try to get into the hard-to-reach places using a gentle toothbrush. When cleaning Moissanite, you may either rinse it under warm running water or use mild soap and water to get rid of any traces. Moissanite can be dried by air or with a lint-free cloth.