Why weddings need themes?

Technically, a themed wedding is not a ritual, a tradition, and it is also not a legal matter to fill on your wedding form about your “wedding theme,” but still wedding without any theme doesn’t look up to the mark.

Within the last 8 to 10 years we have seen a drastic shift in wedding trends and wedding theme has become a necessity. Today every bride wishes to choose wedding theme and bound to make two basic decisions about her wedding:


  1. Wedding color
  2. Wedding theme

Wedding themes provide harmony to the whole event, balancing the day and enhancing your narrative and guests’ experience of your wedding. And here’s why you should include your Wedding Theme Ideas into your wedding…


  • Having a wedding theme provides a jumping-off point. Couples are free to do anything they want, yet it looks so overwhelming. Thus, setting a wedding theme offers a starting point for a couple’s search. Instead of searching and exploring wedding themes with a hundred distinct choices, it is better to immediately shortlist any five or ten themes that have the appropriate vibe.
  • The wedding theme manifests itself in all of the event’s components, from the venue selection to the most minor and most customized touches. Everything must flow within the context of a larger project that defines the style, color palette, and materials. Above all, it should convey the story of the couple’s love in an intimate setting.
  • A perfectly balanced theme wedding must be sophisticated, prestigious, soft, and devoid of edges and grooves. Everything from location to decorations must be just picture perfect. It is better to speak with a wedding theme specialist; keep in mind that they will assist you in highlighting the most perplexing aspects, the most lyrical messages, and the most curved forms, just like a bouquet of various colored blooms.
  • A wedding theme also brings a cohesive feel, and a well-executed subtle piece will not always be obvious to your visitors. However, it will help your wedding décor and elements “make sense.” Each aspect of your wedding day contributes to telling a narrative and setting the atmosphere and details that conflict creates confusion.

This gives the couple a chance to be themselves in front of their loved ones at a significant time in their lives let them be particular with their wedding theme.