May 24, 2024

The planning of your wedding ceremony is not an easy task. Most of the areas that need to be cover first like what type of wedding you want, theme of the décor and music that has to play in the ceremony, seating arrangements, lighting and execution etc. If you do not know about all these things, no need to worry at all. We are here to guide you and provide each and every information related to planning of a wedding ceremonies.

The type of Ceremony

First of all the thing you need to plan is the type of the wedding like religious wedding, cultural wedding, traditional and non-religious or religious and traditional etc. this decision will make your rest of the planning quite easier.

Enlist all he Moments

The division of the time according to all the moments that has to be happened in the wedding ceremony before its actual timings. If possible then please write it on the paper it will help you in case of forgotten. You should note down the moments like; welcome to the guests, bride and groom’s entry, exchange of vow and rings, first kiss and announcement of the newlywed couple.

Theme of the Ceremony

The theme of the ceremony should be comprises of your whole story of first meeting, engagement and finalize the date of your wedding. You can use photographs of your all occasions around the stage and let people know the whole journey which led to the special day. Try to arrange a special thanks gift to those who had a main role to make you together.

Involve both side family members

When exchanging rings or reading the vows, ask a family member or your closest friend to read it for you like your feelings, future planning etc. for this you can use a dialogue from a movie, quote from a book or lines from your poetry that reflect you views about marriage and your feelings for your partner.


The music is a must have part of every wedding. Therefore people like to play different type of music in accordance with the moments especially in a wedding. So it is very helpful to prepare your songs playlist according to the moments like bride and bridegroom’s entry, both parents entry time, dance performances of friends and family etc. the type of your wedding should also be in your mind for example if you are going to plan a traditional wedding ceremony then songs would have a traditional touch too.

Seating, Décor, Lighting and Exit

Seating arrangement should also complement the type of your wedding ceremony. It will not look good that much if you plan a traditional wedding and seating arrangements are according to the non-traditional one. Also the arrangements of seating should be spacious to avoid any kind of mess.

Décor and lighting of the event should go hand in hand and perfect for the beautiful pictures. Some couples do like the natural sunlight for the photoshoot but some like artificial lighting for their clicks. If you are a couple who doesn’t like natural light then select the best lighting suitable for shoot.

Planning of the execution of the couple and guests is as important as their welcome. The exit area of the ceremony should be well decorated like balloons, flowers and petals to make it unforgettable for the couple and their well-wishers.