June 19, 2024

Flowers are the key to every celebration. Without flowers every celebration looks colorless and stern. Floral decorations never get old as they are being used in variety of styles with the passage of time but never get skipped. In today times, the floral decorations became very expensive. Although their price varies from flower to flower and depends upon the quantity of their usage but we can share some fantastic tips and tricks to make your wedding floral decorations to look expensive while saving money at the same time.

  • Always try to use the locally grown and seasoned flowers in your decorations. It will be easily available in your town and give a fresh look to your wedding décor as well.
  • Feel free to talk to your florist that you have hire for your event about your budget and required design. It will help you to save from any misunderstanding at the actual time.
  • If you want your wedding event to be held in February with the good flowers decoration? Then it can cause disappointment for you because there are less than three types of flowers are available only in February and their prices are too high.
  • Select the arrangement design in a way that is natural yet look so expensive and low on the pocket side. For this purpose, you should do some online and local research at your own.
  • You can arrange stage area with roses and rest of the arrangements with other less pricy flowers like marigold, daffodils and orchids etc.
  • Make your wedding floral decorations as simple as you can because you have to pay for the craftsmanship of your florist along with the flowers price.
  • You can replace floral decorations with non-floral where it is possible for you. For example, you can use more leaves and less flowers in all the décor. It will create a simple and unique ambiance. You can use peacock feathers theme for your decorations instead of flowers as they are quite cheaper comparatively.
  • Try to manage your wedding date around Easter or Christmas so that church will already be decorated and you do not have to make an extra effort for wedding flowers decoration.
  • If you are on budget and want to save money as much as you can. Then go for small party arrangements. You can invite close friends and family members only to your wedding.
  • If you have a garden with flowers, you can arrange your vent there as well. It will look more elegant and sophisticated to your guests.
  • Always prefer a wedding garden over a banquet hall because it will help you to remain less concern about the decorations and its extra expenses.
  • Try to buy silk flowers than the fresh ones it will be reusable and less costly. Try to find online used silk flowers according to your requirements. Do not forget to order them weeks before your wedding.

In short, you have many more things to do with flower wedding decorations to make them look fancy and less expensive.