June 19, 2024

This is not an easy task to select a dress for a wedding ceremony. Usually people especially women, get confuse in this matter as they want something different in design, color and style of the dress. While selecting a dress, you should know about the venue or type of event where you have to attend i.e. is it a white tie, black tie, cocktail dressing, formal beach wedding and a casual wedding? Here we have some dressing ideas for you according to the type of the wedding events that are mentioned above. But before the ideas, we have a free advice that “overdressing is far better than the underdressing”. Let’s have a look on dressing ideas now.

Gown or Full Length Dresses

Full length gowns with one color tone are best for the event like white tie. Women should go with the settled tone color scheme like black and off white etc. Full face makeup, an attractive hairstyle and delicate jewelry will complement the whole look. Men should select the classic black suit with formal black shoes, white or dancing gloves with a clean shave face.

Tea or Floor Length Dresses

As women are the center of attention of every event that’s why they should look their best. Tea or floor length gown are the dresses which suits almost every body shape and are best choice for the events like black tie wedding. According to the venue you can go for jumpsuits that are formal, good hairdo and antique or statement jewelry will look very eye catching. While for the men, they could select black bow tie with leather shoes as they do not have much ideas for their dressing.

Cocktail Length (knee length) Dresses

This type of dresses are usually wear by females on semi-formal and festive occasions. A sophisticated combination of blouse with a knee length skirt or a full length pant and a sleek hairstyle with some elegant piece of earrings will complete the look. Men can go with the printed shirt and accessories like watch, ring etc.

Floral Maxi, sundress, Shawls

The floral printed maxi, sundresses and shawls are the best options to attend a formal beach wedding. As a beach wedding is an outdoor event so the timings of event will be before sunset. In this case you can go for sundress because it will protect you from suntan and will look formal too. You can wear a shawl if you have a sleeveless maxi with a flat bottom pair of sandals. In the beach formal wedding, men have some interesting options like linen colorful pants, colored shoes and t-shirts etc.

Casual Wedding Dresses

Casual doesn’t mean non formal dressing at all. Yes you have to follow some dress code here as well whether you are male or a female. For women, skirts, jumpsuits and loose maxi with open hair and natural makeup will be the best choice. On the men side, they can wear long or short sleeves shirts with buttons. Shorts with shirts like crisps will be appropriate too.