July 15, 2024
Tips to capture/shoot the perfect moments during wedding photography/videography

Picture or a video with a moment means an image that looks more like a memory than a photograph. To gaze at a photograph or a video with “the right moment” is to forget that it was captured by a camera. Maybe you think that everything must be picture-perfect in wedding photography/videography, even the haute couture gown, the elegant walk to the aisle, and the diamond engagement ring. Nothing can compare to the individuals with whom you share your special day and the memories you make.


The wedding pictures or video shots that have a moment are neither technically sound nor award-worthy, but they mean the world to the couple. A photographer’s/videographer’s ability to connect with their subjects and capture once-in-a-lifetime moments is contingent on both the photographer/videographer’s timing and their couple.


Taking wedding shots with “a moment” is the true art that a professional wedding videographer is hired to capture on the big day. Here are three major factors explained by Spokane wedding videographer to keep in mind while capturing the perfect moments:

Timing matters:

The hardest aspect is being prepared for anything on a wedding day. Wait to see what happens before taking a shot. You never know when a smile may evolve into a moment with tears of happiness and when a shy smile may transform into a big laughter. When you’re not ready or your camera settings aren’t optimum, many of these moments will appear and be gone.

Clients probably won’t notice the technical aspects of these video shots, but employing a second shooter increases the strain of being everywhere at once. Your second shooter can take simple shots while you capture real life. There’s more to capture throughout the ceremony than just the bride and groom’s vows.

Connectivity contributes a lot:

To make your client feel at ease, it is important to become buddies. On the wedding day, meeting and working with your couple before the wedding will make you seem more like a friend than a hired assistant. Being friendly with your couple makes things much easier, and the shots will be more natural. It’s also crucial to ask what’s essential to them on their wedding day. Create a list of individuals and items they’ll want in their final wedding video. Drone videography is also an essential part of filming a wedding, and it is also a must to discuss the details of drone shots.

Wait for the right moment:

Making a moment’s last part is impossible. You can’t make the photo/video. Shooting/capturing any moment with all of these aspects combined doesn’t always make a fantastic final product. The photographer/videographer’s expertise and the scene’s elements boost the chance of catching the moment, but there’s no guarantee. Let the scene unfold, and trust that it will reveal itself. You know it when you see it.