My must-have wedding video with Blue Ventures

The day of your wedding is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences. You may reminisce about these moments when you look back on them for future reference. They are a treasure trove of memorable moments. Your relationship with your spouse will be brought back to life by these keepsakes. They instill in your children and grandkids a love of family.


When we asked ‘’Blue Ventures’’ about the Must-Have-Photos for our wedding album, they gave us a complete list of these must-have shots. Of course, like others, we also wanted to capture maximum special moments of our big day, and luckily, our wedding album and video by Blue Ventures has all of them. Here are our special moments preserved in the most elegant and cherished way by our photographer and videographer:


  • ‘’Blue Ventures’’ insisted on an engagement shoot that we wanted to skip like most couples, but it was a great opportunity for us to be more comfortable in front of the camera with our photographer.
  • Our wedding album and video are full of small but essential details that refresh our memories of that big day of our life in the most beautiful way. Everything was there, from wedding invitations, bride and groom’s accessories, our rings, letters, special signs, and wedding décor to corsages, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, gifts, and dance floor.
  • All the activities of the bridal suite and joyful moments of the groom and his men are impressively made part of our wedding video.
  • ‘’Blue Ventures’’ have surprised us by capturing our ‘’First Look’’ moments by using the candid way of photography to steal the purest and intimate sentiments in an extremely natural way.
  • From ceremony venue to ceremony details and then reception venue to all the reception details are collected in a storytelling way that takes us back in those fairytale moments every time we see our album or wedding video.
  • Another plus point of their photography and videography is the uniqueness of every single photo and video frame. There are no repetitions of the same moments in the album and video. A wedding video is a collection of glimpses that we want to relive repeatedly for the rest of our lives. Whether the tears in my father’s eyes during the ceremony or my first dance with my darling, these breathing moments are immortal. The photo album has all the stills with rare expressions, beautiful smiles, funny giggles, and everything we wish to keep in our memories forever.