May 24, 2024

Planning an outdoor wedding budget is not an easy task. In this planning you have to keep many things in mind like expenses, catering, and the availability of space etc. The marriage is not a one day celebration only for the couple but for their lifetime. It is not necessary for you to spend extra for making it lifetime enjoyable you can do it while remaining in the budget as well. The question that rise at this point is “how”. We have the answer to this question.

Do what truly Matter

There is no need to go and empty your bank account just for proving your love for each other. Enlist the things what matters truly and avoid extras. Try to make your outdoor wedding as stylish as you can but remaining in a budget. You should decide a garden according to the numbers of people to whom you have invited. Enlist all the division of your budget for your every step to plan an outdoor wedding for example;

  • Booking a Wedding Garden 30%
  • Decoration 10%
  • Catering 10%
  • Lightening 10%
  • Photography 10%
  • Gifts for friends and family 10%

Save rest of the 20% for to manage any emergency because planning an outdoor wedding can surprise you in many ways. It is not compulsory for every step to remain in that what budget you have decide for them. So always prepare yourself for these ups and downs.

Keep it as Simple as you can

Everything related to the wedding decoration charges separately. So it is better to keep your wedding decor as simple as you can, instead of booking a lavish wedding garden try to find a simple garden with low rent will help you to save your money. Another suggestion is that use artificial décor instead of fresh flowers, use simple or regular catering in place of stylish one, try to manage your wedding time before sunset it will help you to save lighting expenses. Keeping one to three dishes instead of more than three will be good choice. Try to keep short your guests’ list will help you to save expenses of a big cake, welcome gifts and transportation. Do not spend extra expenses on the wedding invitations.

Involve your Friends and Family

You can involve your friends and family into your wedding chores like decoration of stage, dancing floor set up, a member or friend know D Joying ask him or her for their services. Any of them is a photographer, florist and caterer do not feel ashamed to help you with their expertise.  You know that one of your friend is a good baker then ask him for your wedding cake. Any friend or family members know DIY projection then do ask them to make special wedding decoration accessories. Do you have a neighbor who is an owner of a big garden or have a big backyard then ask him to provide you for wedding function. These are the tactics to plan an outdoor wedding in a budget and to save money.