Creative Wedding Ideas

Wedding is a special event of everybody’s life. Therefore people try different things to make it creative and memorable for their guests along with themselves. Some people create ideas on their own and some hire different event management staff but the involvement of the groom and bridegroom is fundamental in this part. There are some points which should be take into account while creating an idea for wedding like type of event as engagement or reception, budget, venue, number of people invited in the event etc. Here we are going to offer some ideas that are helpful for making a wedding creative.

  • Brides’ bouquet can be less flowery as it looks very delicate and modern with minimal flowers. This nosegay bouquet can be best point for your wedding.
  • The selection of a good music playlist can make a wedding creative as well. It should be the mutual selection of songs from both the sides. You can also ask your guests for their taste of music too.
  • The initial alphabets of the couple names can be turn into a monogram and pasted on each and everything in the event like on stage, invitation cards and tables of invitees.
  • You can order a cake which complement the entire arrangement like color scheme of the dress of the couple. The picture of both when they meet for the first time means you can do many things to your wedding cake.
  • The different type of crockery can make an event like wedding creative. Instead of using usual plates and spoons, you can use some antique pieces of crockery. If your budget is limited then you can apply this antique crockery idea only for the couple area.
  • You can add some interesting wedding hashtags, laughing slogans of bride and grooms’ entry.
  • If you are planning your wedding venue out of the station or on the beach, you can bring the taste of your hometown with you by having local delights there.
  • If your most of the invitee are coming outside of the town or country, you can print a map on your invitation cards. It will look creative as well as very convenient for the guests that are coming.
  • You can show your creativity with the unique seating arrangement i.e. you can use old tribal seating traditions like ottomans instead of chairs and tables.
  • You can add a feedback book at the departure of your event in which guests write their feedback or wishes for the couple. It will be an autograph kind of book too.
  • Labeling the guests table with their names will be a great idea. The name of the head of the guest family should be written on the table. It will make your event creative and feasible for the guests as well.
  • Creative and funny cards can complement to your event in a great way like you can make some cartoons masks, funny statements for the bride and bridegroom etc.
  • The floral decoration of the entire event can be done by the nontraditional flowers. You can use daisy, iris and bluebell in spite of white and red roses.