Buying Wedding Cake: Helpful Tips and Advices

The tradition of cutting a cake on a wedding shows the commitment of a couple for being together and take care of each other rest of their lives. A cake is an important part of a wedding ceremony as it provides happiness and cheerful taste to the every person of the event. So while buying a wedding cake there are some useful tips and advices that should be considered compulsively.

Decide your venue decor first

The cake you are going to select for your wedding should complement your decoration. So it is very important to select your event decoration theme first and then go for the cake task.

Make your Budget

The price range of a wedding cake varies. It cost per price according to the size, shape and decoration. Therefore if you make a budget for your purchase it will give you an idea of total cost that you have to pay according to your required size and shape of the cake.

Required Weightage

Before deciding a cake size or weight, make sure that you know the number of guests you have invited to your wedding event. Instead of choosing a giant cake go for the layers one. It will take less space and more quantity.

Decide a different Flavor

Take a look of the bakers that are best and available with good report in your town. Don’t be ashamed of visiting them and tasting their different flavor cakes. It will help you in choosing something unique for your event. Try something different from chocolate and vanilla like mango and mocha etc.

Frosting or Buttercream

Decide the cake toping like do you want a fondant cake or a buttercream cake? Keep in mind that you have to select a cake that everybody like to eat. Some people like to eat buttercream cake or other like fondant cakes with different colors. You can add buttercream along with a fondant toping onto the cake according to your theme of the event.

Weather Conditions and Detailing

You should have a confirmation of venue of the event like is it an outdoor event in summers? If yes then do not make a fault of choosing a buttercream cake or whipped cream cake because they melted in hot conditions. To avoid expensive detailing on the cake, you can go for fresh fruits and cream flowers. But if you have an extra budget for detail decoration then you can choose high end decoration ideas provide by the baker.

Discuss the plan with Baker

Before signing a contract with your baker, discuss all the details with the baker about timings of the arrival of the cake so that you remain tension free all the time. All the arrangements of preservation of the cake should be discussed while placing an order.

Set an Alternative

Always set an alternate to your cake especially for a wedding to avoid any kind of hassle. Imagine your cake is absent right on the time of event? What would you do to tackle that situation? So it is a sincere advice to order a second cake in case of any mismanagement.