April 19, 2024
3 Factors that Make Your Jeju Wedding Snap Just perfect

In general, a clean, contemporary, and yet classic approach to wedding photography makes it ideal. Wedding photography is all about seizing the moments, following the light, and appreciating the finer things in life.

What’s more challenging about wedding photos, arguably more valuable, is preserving the memories of fleeting moments. You missed the ones because they were too brief and you needed to know how to look for them. It means capturing the unnoticed precious moments.

When we talk about the essential features of a perfect Jeju wedding snap there are three predictable elements included in a snap taken at the heavenly landscapes of Jeju:


  1. Light
  2. Composition
  3. Simplicity


Light has a different quality in each shot, yet it always serves as the basis for your wedding snaps. Nothing could be more fundamental. You’ve seen stunningly lit photographs that otherwise seem mundane.

Light is an emotion, a feeling that expresses everything. The mood of your shot will change dramatically depending on the type of light you use, be it strong or soft, warm or cool. Each style communicates a distinct range of feelings, altering the overall tone of the finished product. Light is one of the most potent tools to communicate the subject’s feelings in a photograph.


Composition is the second most important aspect of any wedding snap. Simply put, composition is how you organize the elements in your shot. It includes where you place the camera, how you arrange the parts of the picture, and which parts of the picture you choose to highlight or leave out entirely. Composition is the method by which a tale is told.

A “good” composition conveys your intended message without adding unnecessary complexity or distractions. It shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone looking at your shot why you chose to take it.


Simplicity goes beyond a simple Photoshop erase. Post-processing can help to bring softness, but it is not crucial. Expecting the spot-heal brush to save the day if you haven’t mastered simplifying photographs in camera is unrealistic. A wedding snap often requires no filters, color changes, or editing, but it’s simplicity and natural appearance make it the best wedding snap ever.